Jianxin Chemical——Safety, Environmental Protection and High-quality Development

Oct 19, 2023

With the continuous development of green economy in various countries around the world, numerous sustainable chemical plants have gradually emerged. In this regard, Lianhai Jianxin Chemical has made active efforts towards the sustainable development of the chemical industry.


Jianxin Chemical has been recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Taizhou City and a science and technology-oriented small and medium-sized enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It owns 28 patents (including 2 invention patents) in the bromomethane industry, placing it at a leading position domestically. The company has obtained the certification of three system accreditation since 2013, including the quality ISO9001, environmental ISO14001, and occupational health and safety ISO45001, as well as the "Zhejiang Manufacturing Quality Mark" certification in 2021, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to safety production and environmental protection.


With regards to environmental protection, Jianxin Chemical focuses on process research and development and source emission reduction. Particularly in the purification and waste gas treatment sections of bromomethane production, considerable efforts have been invested into research and development. This is aimed at reducing pollution at the source to minimize environmental harm. Through continuous efforts, the company has achieved virtually zero discharge of process wastewater and complete recovery of highly concentrated waste gas.


Jianxin Chemical utilizes various advanced means to control waste gas emissions. The company has established a "TVOC volatile organic compound online monitoring system" around the plant boundary. Additionally, a third-party professional institution is hired to conduct LDAR (leak detection and repair) testing of the production area, tank farm, and utility projects within the plant on a regular basis. Daily patrol inspections of the production workshops are carried out using high-precision waste gas monitoring equipment. Currently, the company has essentially achieved the goal of a "leak-free factory".


The company fulfills its social responsibility with a strong commitment to groundwater remediation and soil pollution control. Eight groundwater replacement wells have been set up within the plant area, with a cumulative replacement volume of 500m³ per mu. Currently, the groundwater in the entire plant area is classified as having a low pollution level. An external environmental technology company has been employed to formulate soil pollution control measures, and multiple effective measures are taken to reduce soil pollution.


In terms of safety, the factory has established a sound safety management system, strictly implementing the safety production responsibility system, providing safety education and training for employees, conducting regular safety inspections and assessments, and promptly addressing hidden dangers. Furthermore, the factory is equipped with advanced safety facilities and protective equipment to effectively guarantee the personal and production safety of employees.


Moreover, the factory conducts emergency disposal and practical operation training for unexpected incidents occurring at night, prioritizing safety. In the bromomethane workshop, on-site personnel are organized to carry out safety activities and inspections on a monthly basis to ensure that employees acquire safety knowledge and emergency handling skills, enhancing their ability to respond to unexpected events.


Jianxin Chemical is committed to establishing a safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable corporate image. Through continuous improvement of management and enhancement of technical capabilities, it strives to achieve coordinated development of economic, environmental, and social benefits. In future development, the factory will continue to prioritize safety and environmental protection, promote green chemical production, and contribute more to sustainable development.

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