Trimethylsulfonium Bromide

Spironolactone Trimethylsulfonium Bromide; Pharma And Pesticide Intermediate Trimethylsulfonium Bromide;  Trimethylsulfonium Bromide Price

CAS No:3084-53-5

Molecular formula: C3H9BrS

Melting point: 203°C

Appearance: Solid

Molecular weight: 157.073

Storage conditions: Closed in a cool and dry environment

PSA: 25.30000

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  • Molecular formula: c3h9brs

    Risk terminology: Rirritates the eyes, respiratory system, and skin.

    Safety instructions: in case of  contact with eyes, immediately wash with plenty of clear water and send to a doctor for diagnosis and treatment;

     wear suitable protective clothing.

    Properties and stability: the chemical is stable under normal temperature and pressure. If it is used and stored by the specifications, it will not decompose and there is no known dangerous reaction. Materials to avoid contact: oxidizing substances.

    Products Name

    Trimethylsulfonium Bromide

    CAS NO





    Agrochemical Use

    Factory Location

    Zhejiang, China

    Main Sales Markets


    Price Range

    >10 tons per month

    Production Capacity

    50 tons per month

    Packaging Information

     25kg/drum or bag

    Minimum Order Quantity


    Payment Terms

    L/C, T/T

    Terms of Trade

    FOB, CIF

    Sample Provided


    Recommended Product




    Manufacturer of this product

    Linhai Jianxin

  • Storage method: keep the storage sealed and stored in a cool and dry place, and ensure good ventilation or exhaust device in the working room. It should be stored separately from oxidants, acids, and edible chemicals, and should not be mixed. The storage area shall be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and appropriate receiving materials.

  • Packaging Information: 25kg/drum or bag

    Minimum Order Quantity:/

    Payment Terms:L/C, T/T

    Terms of Trade:FOB, CIF

  • Standard:98%

    Grade:Industrial Grade

    Factory Location:Zhejiang, China

    Main Sales Markets:global

    Price Range:>10 tons per month

    Production Capacity:50 tons per month

    Sample Provided:YES

    Sample Policy:/

    Recommended Product:YES


    Manufacturer of this product:Linhai Jianxin

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