Methyl Bromide

Methyl Bromide CAS 74-83-9; Methyl Bromide for Official Quarantine; Methyl Bromide Fumigation for QPS

CAS No:74-83-9

Boiling point: 4 °C

Melting point: −94 °C

Flash point: -34 °C

Density: Density

Appearance: Colorless gas with a smell like chloroform

Molecular weight: Molecular weight

Water solubility: 1.522 g/100 mL

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  • As a synthetic chemical raw material or an excellent methylating agent, it is widely used in pharmaceuticals, pesticides, flavors, and fragrance intermediates, and other products.

    Methyl bromide is an odorless, colorless gas used to control a wide variety of pests in agriculture and shipping, including fungi, weeds, insects, nematodes (or roundworms), and rodents.

    Cylinder packing:  25Kg, 40Kg, 50Kg, 100Kg, 150Kg,

    Or customized packing according to users' needs.

    Products Name

    Methyl Bromide

    CAS NO



    98%   99.90%


    Agrochemical Use

    Factory Location

    Zhejiang, China

    Main Sales Markets


    Price Range


    Production Capacity

    2500 tons per year

    Packaging Information


    Minimum Order Quantity


    Payment Terms


    Terms of Trade


    Sample Provided


    Recommended Product




    Manufacturer of this product

    Linhai Jianxin

  • Used as a broad-spectrum and high-efficiency soil fumigant before planting (ODS), it can kill nematodes, fungi, pests, weeds, etc. in the soil very well. Agricultural growers inject methyl bromide about two feet into the ground to sterilize the soil before crops are planted. Although the soil is covered with plastic tarps immediately after a treatment, 50 to 95 percent of the methyl bromide eventually emits into the atmosphere. Later on, due to the restrictions of the Montreal Protocol, the country implements strict management. Since 2019, it has been banned for this use.

    As the quarantine and fumigation treatment drug for import and export commodities and packaging at the port, it is called "quarantine and pre-shipment fumigation" (QPS). Methyl bromide is also used to treat commodities such as grapes, asparagus, logs, and other imported goods to prevent introducing pests to the United States. Treatments often fulfill official quarantine requirements for international shipments.

  • Storage Requirements

    Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.

    Stay away from crowds and shackles, and install methyl bromide detection devices if possible.

    Cylinder or aerosol can storage.

    Keep away from incompatible substances such as reactive metal powders, strong oxidants, strong alkalis, strong glues, etc.

    The storage room is equipped with corresponding types of fire-fighting equipment, leakage emergency treatment equipment and appropriate containment materials.


    Official shipping name: Methyl bromide containing not more than 2% trichloronitromethane

    Hazardous categories/categories: Category 2.3, toxic gases

  • Packaging Information:25、40、50、100、150kg/cylinder

    Minimum Order Quantity:/

    Payment Terms:T/T

    Terms of Trade:CIF

  • Standard:98% / 99.90%

    Grade:Agrochemical Use

    Factory Location:Zhejiang, China

    Main Sales Markets:global

    Price Range:/

    Production Capacity:2500 tons per year

    Sample Provided:YES

    Sample Policy:/

    Recommended Product:YES


    Manufacturer of this product:Linhai Jianxin

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